the perfect keepsake gift for every kind of father

[This post is sponsored by Luhvee Books but all thoughts and opinions are my own]

The first Christmas we spent together (a whole month after we started dating) I created a keepsake book about our love. It was pretty silly, made entirely of stick figures, and looked like it had been drawn by an elementary school student.

But to my surprise, he LOVED it.

I learned very early on that despite the manly exterior my husband loved the sentimental, thoughtful gifts that I concocted.

Now that each holiday includes gifts from myself AND our littles, I have to come up with even more creative gift ideas.

For his birthday this year I teamed up with Luhvee Books to create this love book.


With the “I Love My Daddy” option, I was able to design a book for my husband that incorporates reasons why they love him and all my favorite pictures.

First you are asked to choose a hard or soft cover, I chose hardcover to ensure that the book would hold up over time. You are also asked if you would like the book to be written from one person or multiple. I chose multiple so that the book could come from both of our children.

From there the process is fool proof. The website opens to a layout of the book where you can scroll through page by page adding your own photos, using the prompts to complete the reasons why they love their daddy.

The prompts make it much easier to come up with reasons and word them seamlessly without having to stress yourself out. Things like “You are an extraordinary dad because..” or “We think it is so awesome that you know so much about..”


The greatest part about this whole process is how CLEAR each and every one of the pictures turned out. Crisp and bright. It really shows you just how well made this book is.

There are different ‘chapters’ that break down each section of the book which allows it to feel like a well thought out and properly put together read.

Even the back of the book has a sweet little marking stating that it was “designed with love by Luhvee”


As I am writing this, my mom is putting together one of these books to give to my dad for Father’s Day next month.

If you are interested in grabbing your own “I Love My Daddy” book or any of the other titles they offer, be sure to use my coupon code “QUEENB20” for 20% off your order!

You will not be disappointed, even the least sentimental dad will find joy in a sweet gift like this from his biggest little fans.

xoxo K

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