transforming a house into a home (week four)


We have officially covered all of the downstairs spaces, except the laundry room which I promise I will show at the end.

Now we can begin to take a tour of the upstairs.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you first come across a set of double doors – the master. If you head to the right, there are five more doors. The craftroom/my office, Lilys room, the kids bathroom, a closet, and Camdens room.

It took me a few tries to get the perfect thing to hang in this hallway above the bench. About a month ago, I received an email about Smallwood Home having a retirement + end of the year sale. I began browsing and came across this beauty. I knew immediately that it was the piece I had been searching for. Add the clearance garland from Kirklands and waaah laaah! The bench is from Wayfair a few years back and has the seat that lifts up for added storage.


We are going to skip passed the craft room for this tour and head into Lilys room. When I found out we were having a girl, it was pretty immediately decided that her room would have a color theme instead of a character type theme.

Coral (my favorite color), gold, and mint. I couldn’t wait to get started, but at the time we were in limbo between houses staying in my in laws basement. Once we got into our house, I was so ready to begin and my heart burst the first time I saw her room after the painters finished.


We debated for a few weeks over whether or not we wanted to add an area rug, but when I couldn’t find one I really loved – we put it on hold for a while.

It was incredibly easy to start finding pieces for her room. Her crib and dresser are both Graco brand, those pieces as well as her rocking chair were purchased on Wayfair. The laundry basket and all her mint or white with gold heart bins were from Target. The pouf ottoman was purchased from Land of Nod.

The space above her Pottery Barn anywhere chair originally had ledge shelves from Target but they came so banged up that I couldn’t leave them up. Then we decided on rain gutter bookshelves but ended up putting her books on the cubby instead. Haven’t decided fully how to move forward for her room yet. But her 2nd birthday will bring a big girl update like big brother received, so we will see.

The set of arrows are part of the Pillowfort line at Target and blackout white curtains with gold hearts were a random (and lucky) find from HomeGoods. The prints in her four frames were purchased on Etsy, printed, and put into four album size frames from Target. Her mirror was found at HomeGoods as well.

We added gold heart decals to the wall that we found at Babies R Us. The sign above her bed is Hobby Lobby, she used to have a beautiful mobile and canopy but she pulled them down so many times that I just stopped putting it back up.

The painting to the right of her crib is special because when I was 36 weeks pregnant with her, Michael and I had to go to a black tie event for the American Heart Association + his employer. It was part of a silent auction and when we saw it, we knew, that belonged in our girls room. Michael went back over and over to continue bidding and ensure we won. And we did.


The last of Lilys space is her dresser and this gallery wall. The items range anywhere from HomeGoods to Target, TJ Maxx to Dollar General plus so many more. I scoured the earth for all things gold, mint, and coral while going through my nesting phase.

Next is the kids bathroom. When we moved into, I immediately hung up the grey and yellow ‘you are my sunshine’ themed decorations that I had from our last house. I very quickly decided the kids were outgrowing this theme and decided to go with something a little different.

I painted the walls a lighter grey, found an adorable and colorful ABC’s shower curtain, and began adding in details to match. I wanted something that wasn’t gender specific that they could grow with. What better way to do that than with ABC’s and colors.

The gallery wall is made of $1 frames from Walmart that I painted white, screwed a hook into the top, and hung. I found the faucet knobs on Etsy and hung them to use as towel hooks. I put up the shelves with white particle board and some L shaped brackets then added a few Michaels frames and the Walmart basket to keep things together.

The three jars are a diy project made of pickle jars. I removed the label, painted the libs, screwed a hole into them, and added a cabinet knob for the handle.


Above the shower I added “WASH”, above the toilet “FLUSH”, and above the sink “BRUSH” as a constant reminder of what you’re doing for the little stages of little.

Lastly, we will head into Camden’s big boy room.

In March last year I updated his room from a nursery feel to a big boy space. A space he could safely go play in by himself now that he is getting to that phase. We also transitioned him to a toddler bed at that time, but he has since been switched into a full size bed.


Camdens crib became his toddler bed and once we removed the front entirely, his crib became his headboard. I highly recommend getting a convertible crib because it is nice to have a little piece of his newborn days that will stay with him for probably as long as he stays in our house with us.

His new big boy bedding came from Target and is covered in any + all sports you can think of. We used an oil pan from the automotive section of Walmart to give him a magnet wall.


We have two of these 3×3 cube shelves in his room, each filled with different color fabric bins from Target. For his gallery wall, I did not want to pick one theme because he is interested in something different each day – so I chose to go with lots of things he loves. Dinosaurs, robots, sports, boats, etc. Most of the items came from Hobby Lobby, with the exception of a few. The white boat was something we found in Michaels grandfathers storage unit after he passed. I painted it to hang in Camdens nautical nursery then kept for his big boy room. The “boy” definition sign is one I made myself. The cute little firetruck shelf came from HomeGoods.

The most important piece on the wall is that framed shirt with two blue hands. That is the shirt I wore to reveal Camdens gender when we found out he was a boy. We took the pictures and made two shirts, a pink and a blue, then posted the correct one after we found out.


I bought this teepee on Etsy, but wouldn’t recommend the shop as they sent me the wrong color. It was supposed to be a canvas color and arrived in black. Since they wanted me to rewrap, pay, and ship this 6 foot tall item back out in order to receive the correct one – I just kept the wrong one. His toddler bedding from Pottery Barn now serves as the cushion inside.

The letters of his name are 12 inches tall from Hobby Lobby. They came in natural wood and I painted each of them to match a color in his room.


The wall between his bedroom door and closet door was an odd space and instead of wasting it, we decided to make it his library. We used the rain gutters to create bookshelves (a Pinterest DIY). Very easy to do but now that he has 8,000 books I see that they don’t hold up that well. He, like Lily, has an anywhere chair from Pottery Barn.

Each of these spaces has little special touches and has colors/themes I think the kids can grow into for years to come.

If I didn’t cover one of the items you’re interested in – just let me know, I will try to remember where it is from/find the link for you.

Hope you enjoyed these special, close to my heart spaces.

xoxo K

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