Bentology Bento Kit review + giveaway!

Since becoming an adult (whenever that happened), I have always struggled with packing my lunch.

I have never really known what the staple items were or the portions for a healthy, packed from home lunch.

Enter – the Bento Lunch Box Set.


The Bento Box is a system that provides portion control containers. This allows you to pack the right amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and healthy fats.

With a Bento Box it is virtually impossible to pack a lunch that will leave you unsatisfied because you will have every food group you could need.

This can be purchased with an insulted lunch box/bag or just a container system alone. The Bento Box I have is the lunch box set – it comes with an insulated lunch sleeve, a semi transparent bento box, and five individual containers with water resistant lids.

All of the containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, leak proof, and are slim enough to fit inside a book bag or briefcase for easy transport.

I sent my son to preschool with his Bento Box lunch kit as soon as we received it. It was a very environmentally conscious way to pack his lunch. Instead of using a brown bag paper and countless plastic sandwich bags, I got to put everything into the bento containers and send him on his way.


Having to breakdown his lunch into different containers made me much more aware of what I was packing and in what quantity. It was a great way to ensure he was eating a well balanced meal.

They come in so many different colors and styles to fit your needs. As you can see below there are a lot of cute designs for your kids!

Whether you want to make sure you send your littles to school in hopes of full bellies or you want to make sure that you yourself are watching your portions – Bento Box provides the ability to do both + more!

I know as I head into my health + fitness journey, this Bento Box will help me to keep myself on track and not over eat during meals.

Another amazing feature of the Bento Box is your ability to get weekly menu ideas, purchase a meal guide booklet for just $2.39, and see lots of recipe ideas on their blog.

Head to their website now and receive 25% off today through the 22nd on your very own Bentology Bento Kit with the code ihelp25.

As an added bonus, I am giving away a turquoise Bentology Lunch Box Kit to one lucky person on Thursday, January 18th a 9:00PM.

To enter, click the link below to follow myself + Bentology Living on Instagram.

For extra chances to win, complete the optional entry forms.

Good luck!


xoxo K

This is a sponsored post in which I was given this product as a gift for my opinion.

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