a simple toy with a complex benefit

Everyday millions of parents all over the world head to daycares + preschools to drop off the little human they have created.

More often than not, these little creatures attach themselves to their parents arms, legs, necks, and any other appendage that they can find. This is in an effort not to separate from their parents.

If they are anything like my miniature me, also known as my daughter Lily, they can be swayed into attaching to something else.

Sometimes that item is a Beanie Baby and sometimes it is a fuzzy blanket.

But since receiving her CRAFT character – it is has been her favorite.

Our CRAFT even stayed by her side when we had to make her first emergency room visit a few weeks ago.


What is a CRAFT character you may be wondering. Well, CRAFTHOLIC is a line of fun and cuddly creatures that originate from planet CRAFT. They are a mythical being that was created specifically to look unlike any other “lovey” your child may have.

The unique look makes it SIMPLE to find the sacred toy anytime you take it to a friend or family members house. Rather than your standard bear, they come in a variety of different kinds of animals ranging from rabbit to cat, sloth to monkey. Among the variety of colors and patterns, there is also four different sizes to choose from.

From a 38″ large cat to a 16″ small sloth or a 13″ junior monkey to a 24″ x 20″ rabbit pillow – there truly is something for everyone. The large and small CRAFTS are designed with extra long arms and legs so they can give your littles the biggest of hugs.

This is especially important in helping to aid children with anxiety disorders, whether mild or severe as well as many with autism. As this article on Essential Kids states, “Large soft toys with friendly expressions such as the Craftholics are useful for helping children learn safe compression techniques. The long limbs allow children to be wrapped in a fully enclosed hug which is safe and reassuring.”

I know my Lily has not gone anywhere without hers!

To check out these CRAFTS and more, visit CRAFTHOLIC or head over to their Instagram for more happy customer photos!

xoxo K

(this is a sponsored post)


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