transforming a house into a home (week two)

Last week, during week one, I gave you a tour of our foyer and formal living room which sits right off the foyer.

This week we are going to look into the room off of the opposite side of the foyer, the office.

When you walk into our front door, immediately to your left there is a glass paneled door which looks into an office space.

I chose a calm greenish color when we had the house repainted to brighten up the very rich dark wood furniture we chose. To me, it has just enough dark wood tones + lighter calm colors to balance it out. This is important because after we converted our fourth bedroom into a craft room – the office became strictly my husbands.


I added a lot of important pieces to his desk shelves, like his beloved grandfathers high school graduation photo and a plaque received after he first became a general manager. Among those things I found a couple different things that gave me an official office vibe.

It was key to find two accent chairs to sit opposite the desk because THIS is where many important conversations will take place with our children in the future. I found the perfect leaning bookshelf to add between the windows, it was a clearance item at HomeGoods due to the minor scratches on the bottom shelf. Win for me. Most of the decor items and picture frames were HomeGoods pieces that I found along the way.

If you head out of the office, back into the foyer, there is a coat closet and then a half bath. It is a very basic space but if we’re going to tour my home – that is included.

There was one blank wall in this room, not even an outlet on it. Naturally I felt the need to do something with it. I purchased a peel + stick accent wall kit from Lowes, measured, cut, peeled + stuck the wall in one day. It was a really simple project. (I did however break a bone in my nasal cavity due to not holding onto the piece of wood tight enough while using the saw and it flew up and hit me in the face – so hold on really tight and wear safety googles)

After exiting the bathroom, if you walk towards the front door and through the formal living room I showed you last week, you will enter our formal dining room. I had NEVER had a formal dining room before and I was very excited to be one of those households that have a beautiful table, always set despite using it only once a year.

I took a huge risk in this space when choosing a shade of red for the walls, but with the contrast of the red and white – I was immediately in love. That tray ceiling is one of my favorite details in this house.


The main color scheme of this room ended up being a lot more colorful than I had anticipated. With red, green, yellow, gold, and orange everywhere – it is a very warm color palette. We purchased the table, chairs, and buffet from Gardiner Wolf, the area rug from Pottery Barn, and the curtains from Target.

All of our table setting was purchased from Crate and Barrel. Placemats, chargers, napkins + holders, silverware, and dishes which aren’t pictured. The vase, candles, and candle sticks were all picked up at Pottery Barn and the artificial flowers are from Michaels.


I added some small details like the three picture frames, the canvas sign, and the artificial tree. The painting pictured in the photo on the left was a silent auction item we bid on and won two years ago at a American Heart Association event.

I kept with the color scheme and came across this canvas painting from Lowes, I happened to walk passed it one day and it caught my eye. The three vases were from HomeGoods and originally purchased for our previous home.


After I started to become a wine drinker, very recently, I knew I was going to need something to store all of these gifted bottles of wine in. When I saw this galvanized metal wine bottle holder at HomeGoods, it was love at first sight.


We don’t use this space a lot, but when we do – my heart fulfilled. I greatly enjoy having a formal dining room to share important holidays with our friends in.

If you have any questions about the pieces in my photos, don’t hesitate to ask!

Stay tuned next week for the kitchen, breakfast area, and living room.

xoxo K

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