how I got Santa to send my kids a personalized video

Tis the season for Santa to pop up everywhere.

He is on commercials, in movies, on social media – everywhere your children look, there his jolly bearded face will be.

I know my son gets so excited every time he sees a glimpse of Santa.

Just this morning, a commercial came on and he stopped mid sentence yelling “MOMMY, THERE IS SANTA!”

Have you ever wished that your kids could have a bit more of a personal experience with Santa? An experience where they could feel like Santa really knew them, really understood what they want for Christmas. More than just waiting in line to sit on his lap for less than five minutes? Or seeing him in passing on the television?

I recently partnered with Your Santagram to create a video for my children from Santa.

That is right, a video directly from Santa.

On their website, you can choose between a video for 1-5 recipients for $19 or a larger group. Once you add your choose to your cart, you will answer a series of questions (names of recipient(s), ages, what they asking for from Santa this year, and any topics you may want him to mention to make it very personal).

For our video, I had Santa speak to both Camden and Lilian. He knew that Camden wants a bulldozer and Lilian a baby stroller, he talked to them about their behavior in school, what they have been doing in their free time, we even included our Elf on the Shelf name to let them know that Dash IS reporting back to Santa, etc.

Here is a clip of our video to show you the quality.

When I received it, I sat the kids down and told them (very excitedly) that I had received a video from Santa for them. Camden heard Santa say his name and lit up, he said that Dash told Santa what he wanted for Christmas. It made it seem a bit more real for Camden. Lilian on the other hand did not sit still long enough to really listen.

The quality of the video was amazing. It is so festive, making you feel like you just entered the North Pole. The Santa has a real beard (which is a huge make it or break it for me on Santas) and he is reading a book as if he is really reading a report.

Ultimately, I think it is one of the cutest little touches you can add to your holiday season for your kids. We will be repeat customers until the kids become too old to believe in the magic of Santa.

To get one of these videos for your own children, head to their website Your Santagram and place your order. You can also read more about them on their Facebook page.

Use the code KB10 to receive 10% off your order.

I will also be giving away a free video to one lucky momma for her littles.

xoxo k

* this is a sponsored post

6 thoughts on “how I got Santa to send my kids a personalized video

  1. What a great idea for a surprise for the little ones! We live in a great time when our kids can live their dream. Thank you for sharing this story and of course nice resource.


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