Christmas crafts for the not so diy mom

Crafting with my kids is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes it also quickly becomes one of the hardest.

Messes, the lack of cooperation, not always looking the way Pinterest said it should.

Running with the current blog theme of the holiday season – a fellow blog mom has written a Christmas activity post for me to share!

These are some awesome and simple crafts for you and your littles to complete over the next few weeks of the holiday season. She even shared with us photos of her completed crafts!


With December comes Christmas season and holiday time! While it’s so great to relax and soak in the festivities – kids can get slightly bored if not kept engaged with activities. The good thing though – there are so many, many things you can do with a Christmas theme.

Here we have few DIY activities that can you can make this Christmas.

Christmas Activities For Kids

There are plenty of options to create a festive feel using simple, handmade decors. These ideas below will help you to get prepared for Christmas celebration.

#1. Make Salt Dough Ornaments.

Made some salt dough ornaments. Use cookie cutters to cut them up and then paint them. Once dry you can tie threads and hang them on your tree.

#2. Decorate Christmas cookies.

I had never done baking, but since having my kid I’ve felt the need to start baking to make good teething biscuits and other healthy snacks. So, you can also try to make Christmas cookies and get your kiddos to decorate them! I just love to make Multigrain cookies also called Sathu Maavu Cookies in India.

#3. Make Snowflakes

Make snowflakes simply by folding and cutting paper. Your child is sure to be amazed how it turns out after just a few small cuts. This is the most simplest and easy to set up activity!


#4. Make Snowmen

You can also try making snowmen with snow paint that is some glue and shaving cream. Decorate it with black button eyes, colour paper scarfs, hands, hats, nose, etc. Children enjoy the sensory feeling of this paint on their hands.


#5. DIY reindeer
This is a very simple and fun activity. Roll any textured paper into a cylinder shape to form a base and glue it well. Next take a pipe cleaner and cut it into half to form the antlers of the reindeer.

Then cut 2 triangles out of foam sheet to form the reindeer’s face and paste the pipe cleaners on to it. Glue the 2 triangles to the base, and a pompom to make its nose and then 2 felt circles to form its eyes.

You can also try to decorate the reindeer with a ribbon and bell. Tada- Your cute little reindeer was ready! 

24231848_10156023902388000_7690344613256509064_n - Copy

#6 Decorating the stockings

Yes, kids love this activity and it is relatively easy to set up. They will love it even more when you add real toffees and presents to it on Christmas eve!


#7 Christmas greeting card

Who doesn’t love a personalized Christmas card?!? Bring out all the glittery art and craft embellishments that you have and let your child’s creativity flow!  

What Christmas activities have you planned for your kiddo? What other holiday activities do your children enjoy?

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Anjana Bhartia is a mommy blogger at She describes herself as an imperfect mom stumbling through motherhood, discovering the joys of natural and attachment parenting along the way.

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