holiday decorating on a budget

Each year I feel like the acceptable date to begin decorating for Christmas becomes sooner and sooner.

This year I saw families on my social media practically beginning to decorate after they got home from Trick or Treating while they were still in their Halloween costumes.

For us, it becomes acceptable after Thanksgiving.

The idea of eating Thanksgiving dinner while surrounded in Christmas decor just does not sit right. I need the pumpkins, leaves, all the oranges and browns.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the following Monday, it was game on. All the red, green, gold, and glitter came spilling out of our red and green totes in the basement.

I am guilty of scrolling through my instagram feed seeing all these perfectly decorated houses and having TONS of envy over their decorations. Wishing I could do what they are doing. But I have made the decision to embrace our decorations, whether expensive or cheap, and love our holiday cheer.

If you follow me on instagram, you have seen a picture or two (or twelve).

I decided to share them all in one place with a little insight as to where I found some of the items or the trick to pull it off.

Starting with the mantle.


I took the leap and purchased monogrammed stockings from Pottery Barn Kids because in my head, these things are going to be used for so many years to come – it was worth it. These are called the Classic Fair Isle Stocking, they are currently on sale for $17.25 + the $9.50 for personalization.

I draped this 9ft branch garland across the mantle (it is $1.98 for 9ft at Walmart) then added some clip in ornament accents (which were $2.98 per clip in)

The snowman and santa tea light candle holders came from Kohls a few years ago, so I cannot vouch for cost at this time.

Moving on to the kitchen table.

The Santa hat chair covers came from Dollar Tree making them one whole dollar each, I also picked up the Santa stockings to hold the napkins while I was there. They came in a pack of two, also only one dollar. I used vases that we have around the house and filled them with different size and shape ornaments. Then I draped leftover tinsel on the light fixture and hung ornaments from it. Now you have a Christmas light fixture centerpiece with almost no effort.

In the rest of the kitchen, it is pretty basic things.

We purchased the advent calendar from Pottery Barn Kids to help the kids countdown how many days until Christmas. Ours is no longer available but there are plenty of cute ones on sale right now. I wrapped the upper cabinets in a basic Christmas themed ribbon, used double sided tape to adhere it to the inside of the cabinets, then added a $0.98 bow from Walmart to complete the package look. I also used thin ribbon and extra ornaments to hang them from the kitchen curtain rod. They are small and not super in your face, but a very cute little touch.

On to the foyer.

We decided to purchase a pre-lit tree and set it up on this foyer ledge. At Walmart, this tree was $20. Going forward, I think we will be purchasing a bigger one to better fill the space. The wreaths and bows are also from Walmart, $14.98 for the oversized wreaths and $1.98 for the bows. I found the burlap gift bags at Michaels, on sale, for $2.99 and $4.99 then filled them with some random bags and paper. Wrapping empty boxes to appear as Christmas presents. The garland I previously mentioned was also used around the front door and on the railing. I twisted it with an inexpensive tinsel to add a little color then added the bows periodically.

A few other random decorative pieces throughout the house.

In the fall, I purchased placements for our island because the kids eat there more often than not. When the Christmas season rolled around, I was on the hunt for some cute Christmas ones. I FOUND THEM. These placemats are from Big Lots and were only $4 each. They wipe up very easily and are just adorable.

I also decided to make the kids a felt Christmas tree this year. I bought a yard of green felt from the fabric department at Walmart for $3.97 then folded it in half to create half a Christmas tree, cut it, unfolded it, and WAAAAA LAAAAA. I used some of the felt we had lying around to cut out a bunch of circle and oval ornaments. I did not want to get too fancy because I knew Lily was going to tear this tree down. Which she has. Twice.

And lastly, the tree!

We purchased our tree from an adorable little local farm called Cherry Grove Tree Farm. We had never picked this type before (no idea what it is called) but it is a lot fluffier than we have previously had. I love it! Instead of tinsel, I decided to purchase this silver bow ribbon and silver star + red ball garland to adorn the tree. I picked those up at Big Lots also. We have a few sentimental ornaments as well as the generic store bought ones picked up to fill the tree. Last year when I ordered our stockings and advent calendar, I also picked up this personalized tree skirt. Pottery Barn/Pottery Barn Kids has the BEST sales on Christmas items during December. These personalized tree skirts are about $40 with personalization and you will keep it for a lifetime! Maybe even pass it down one day or maybe that is just the dream I am living.

I know it is easy to get caught up in everyones picture perfect decorations and wish you could do the same – I am here to tell you that you can, without spending a fortune. If you use any of these tips or purchase any of these items – share them on instagram and tag me (@the____beekeeper) I would LOVE to see!

Happy holidays!

xoxo K

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