the society of entitlement

It light of the constant posts about claims being filed against Lularoe. I have to share my opinion on this particular situation.

When you enter into a direct sales business – you should go into it knowing that the success rides fully on you. You have to buy inventory. You have to market yourself to stand out from the woman next door who is also selling it. You have to keep up with orders and shipping in a timely manner. You have to network locally to get your name out there.

This alone can be a full time job if done properly.

Many companies have a start up cost, an amount you pay to buy into your share of the business.

After that – all inventory decisions made are on you. If you think you need more inventory, you make that decision.

No matter what anyone says, you decide for your business whether you need more inventory or doing fine with what you have on hand.

Someone can make the comment ‘buy more, sell more’ as the claim is stating LLR says. But, isn’t that a relatively common thing to say. If you buy more inventory, you will have more inventory to sell.

If someone says that but you think that it just isn’t the right time, you don’t have the cash, you don’t want to run up your credit card – that is your decision to make.

You are an adult. Every decision you make, every day is your choice.

I have girlfriends that sell Lularoe and Scentsy. These ladies are constantly popping up in my social media newsfeeds. My LLR selling friend has something different going on every. single. day. on her Facebook page. Album sales, live sales, contests, giveaways, a live chat where she just sits and talks to you so you know – though she’s selling LLR she’s a human being too. She never pushes her product in your face, she just naturally draws you in. My Scentsy selling friend posts almost daily about new warmers, new scents, new sale items, all of it. You always know what’s going on with the company.

These are obviously different direct sales businesses as one requires an inventory and the other allows customer to order through you instead, they still require the same amount of work on your end.

I believe that a lot of people go into direct sales believing that they will make easy money on the side, not realizing that they actually have to put in a lot of work.

When did our society decide that instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they were going to point fingers? Suing a company because you were essentially unsuccessful? Disgusting.

At the end of the day, you decided to buy in and you did not succeed. Lularoe, Scentsy, Paparazzi, Avon, Mary Kay, Senegence, etc. did not make you do anything you did not want to.

Please own up to your own decisions and stop suing everyone around you when you do not succeed. You are not entitled to money because you failed. It was a business decision on your part and it obviously wasn’t the right one. Learn from your mistakes.

xoxo K

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