the initial reaction to HelloFresh

There are many different meal delivery services coming out of the works. Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Home Chef, Plated, the list goes on.


I have seen many of my friends, acquaintances, and followers on social media using them which sparked my curiosity. Though I never gave in – until I was gifted a free box with HelloFresh from a newly found friend.

A little bit of information on HelloFresh – you can select between a classic, family, and veggie plan for two or four people with three or four meals. You can receive the meals they pick or go in and choose from a group of meals which three (or four) you would like included in your box.

I selected three meals from the options beef ragu spaghetti, figgy balsamic pork, and beef rice noodle bowls.

We have only made one of the three meals so far, but here is my initial reaction to the process, the delivery, the recipe, and the final product.

I selected the plan for two because I was unsure if my children were going to eat the meal choices so for the first box, I opted to receive the meals for just my husband and I.

The box arrived in a timely enough manner that I was able to make a meal that night. Inside the box, it had the recipes sitting on top for the three meals I had chosen along with three brown bags labeled with each option. The bags were filled with the spices and dry ingredients for each. Underneath that was a freezer section with each protein.

The back of the recipe card had step by step instructions along with pictures showing you what to do. I chose to make the beef rice noodle bowls first.

I followed the instructions which were quite simple. The pictures helped to make sure I was doing the correct thing at the correct time. It only included six steps which made it seem like it was a quick meal. It was a 10 minute prep time with a 20 minute cook time.

Everything was going well as I prepped and cooked, but upon completion I was not as happy as I had been throughout the process.

Once I divided up the finished meal unto two plates, it was a very small portion. Maybe that is the point, maybe I eat too much, who’s to say. But I felt like I could have put both portions on one plate to make one meal.

The pork tenderloin for one of the other meals was the size of my palm, to me that felt small to be considered two portions worth, but we haven’t made it yet so I’m not positive about it.

I don’t see the value or find it to be that convenient. We stock up on protein from Costco every few months, then I buy perishables weekly. I sit down Thursday nights and plan my week of meals, check for what I have and what I need, place my order, then pick it up the next day. I don’t experience the inconvenience that is grocery shopping.

Cost wise, my weekly grocery pick up ranges from $40 to $70 for a week of meals, while HelloFresh is $60 for three, possibly more if you get the family plan, more if you get four meals, more if you get a “premium meal”.

So for us, HelloFresh was a one time experience. But, I am thankful for the free box from a new friend of mine so I could form my own opinion.

If you have tried it, I am interested to hear your take!

xoxo K

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