last day of the N sale!

today is officially the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I am reviewing the last of my purchases, then you jump on and grab them before it is over!

Trouve Wrap Blouse $45.90
Really loved the pattern of this top, ordered an XS despite that it says “true to size” and it was still a little loose. I sadly had to return it because I couldn’t get it to sit properly on me. Comes in a solid blush/pink color as well, currently in stock.

Halogen Ruffle Sleeve Top $45.90 – The burgundy color is gorgeous, top comes in two solid and one other pattern. I ordered a S and it was too baggy, I could have swapped it for an XS but I didn’t love it enough to do the work. Currently in stock in all colors and sizes.

Treasure & Bond Gathered Pleat Front Tee $29.90
The burnt orange/red shade of this shirt was stunning, the S fit true to size and was very comfy. It is a little see through (as you see) but a nude bra may have solved the problem. It comes in five different colors and is available in multiple sizes.








Hinge Ruffle Blouse $49.90
LOVED the pattern of this shirt, my favorite color plus a little floral type design. I bought a S and it fit perfectly. However, the sleeves were very big – on the verge of bat wings and I wasn’t a fan of it. It is available in three colors and many sizes.

BP. Ruffle Cold Shoulder Pullover $31.90
Loved this, but ordered a S and it was too small. Also wasn’t sure what to do about bra strap issues as I’m not a strapless fan (hello toddlers) so it did go back. But it comes in black and a purple/pink shade. Available in some sizes still.

Socialite Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top $25.90
I preferred this cold shoulder sweater over the previous, I could wear a regular bra with no worries, it was comfy, and the M I ordered fit well. Only available in white currently, but the white is also super cute!



Hinge Tie Front Pullover $45.90 – I reviewed this in my last post, but it was grey. I had also ordered the S pink one, ultimately I loved the color of this one but the size of the other one so I kept the grey. Still so comfy I could live in it. Currently sold out but check back throughout the day!

Lush Ruffle Sleeve Romper $31.90 – I ordered a S and clearly, it was too small. There was so extra fabric to give me that loose feeling on top as shown on the model. Returned it, not sure I would have liked it because the fabric felt a bit like a bandage. Currently available in black only.

There was a lot of hype over the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I fed into all of it. I ordered 16 items total (not counting the dress shoes and belt I ordered for my husband) but I only kept 5 things. Two cold shoulder tops, the ruffle romper, and two pair of black leggings. Our local Nordstrom store employees had a lot of work to do when we came in.

I went a little crazy and bought things I didn’t need because they were cute and on sale. Next year I think I will work a little harder to find pieces I need, wardrobe staples that I could use, that way I am not going in blind. Lesson learned.

I hope you snagged everything you wanted, if you didn’t – you still have a few more hours. Happy shopping!

Now we can almost get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

xoxo K



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