the infamous Nordstrom sale


Until recently, I have not been a Nordstrom shopper. Then about two months ago, I was with my husband shopping for dress shirts for work, when we walked passed a section of women's dresses conveniently located outside of the elevator. He pointed out a few that he liked, suggested that I take some "mom time" and come back to find some things for our upcoming parent only vacation. I shrugged it off.

A week later, he invited Lily and I to come meet him for lunch near one of the largest malls we have access to. Told me we could go shopping before we meet him, so to Nordstrom we went.

A few purchases, returns, more purchases, and online shopping later.. I became hooked and it was JUST in time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, go figure.

Now we do not have a Nordstrom card (..yet) so I did not have early access to the sale, but I did spend a lot of time watching bloggers post insta-stories and blog posts of their favorite sale items. As soon as the sale became public, I scoured the website (refreshing the pages every few minutes) to find a very specific few items. After much refreshing, I had snagged them all. I also picked up a few other things that caught my eye and they are all starting to trickle in, so here is my first post of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases. Some are still sold out most of the time, but if you catch them at the right moment.. you can grab it!

I included a preview photo, linked the page, and included the real life (messy post gym hair and all) photo of me trying it on.

BP. Classic Leggings $11.90
I have worn LLR leggings (before black was impossible to find) and Old Navy, Walmart, Kohl's, you name it so for this price.. I had to try. I didn't take a picture because they don't look like anything on. But they are so comfortable, they don't move around a lot when you wear them. I bought a M and they are true to size, though a little long in my opinion. Because of the length, I think I will be waiting until boot weather to hide the extra fabric inside.



Hinge Tie Front Pullover $45.90
This was on my must have list. I ended up ordering two, the grey one in XS and the pale pink in S. Grey arrived today. It is VERY soft and cozy. It covers your bottom so you can wear it with leggings. I may end up liking the S pink for a looser cozier fit. It is currently out of stock, but check back like I did and you may snag yourself one.. or two.










ASTR THE LABEL Satin Ruffle Hem Romper $45.90
I love a good romper. Another must have on my list, I grabbed a M as soon as it became available. It was the right size, it fits and nothing hangs out but it is not too tight or uncomfortable. This romper seriously feels like pj's. It is satin and so silky smooth. You almost forget how dressed up you actually are. Currently out of stock, but again, keep checking back.


FullSizeRenderChelsea 28 Mixed Media Sweatshirt $45.90
I was drawn to this, it has feminine details and gives you something to look at. Made of soft sweatshirt material and a tulle type texture, it is comfortable. I bought a M and it fits in the shoulders and chest. but the side with the ruffle comes up about 3 inches higher than the waistband of my jeans which showed my skin and I just wasn't comfortable with it so its a return. But if you are not hiding your mom bod like I am, GO FOR IT. It is available in this black + grey and a pale pink + cream colored ruffle. Really a cute top, I am sad it did not work out for me.

_100917472FullSizeRender Caslon Rib Knit Cotton Tunic $45.90
I really wanted this to be a cute sweater to wear over leggings in the winter, a little dressier than your average shirt + leggings combination, with zipper sides you can control how loose you would like to bottom to be. I ordered a M but it is far too big. The material is very comfortable, I am hoping to be able to able to buy it in a smaller size. It is currently available in two colors and multiple sizes.

_101198688FullSizeRenderBobeau Ruffle Neck Babydoll Top $32.90
My first cold shoulder purchase which I liked a lot. It is flowy, allowing you to hide anything you may not like. The higher neck lets your shoulders be the main attraction while you wear it. I ordered a S and it fit perfectly through my chest. It is available in this pattern and floral pattern, multiple sizes.


_100886764FullSizeRender Lush Ruffle Sleeve T-shirt Dress $29.90
I adore the ruffle detail on the sleeve of this dress, it adds such a feminine touch. It really is a t-shirt material which makes it so comfy to wear. I ordered a M and it is bigger than I would like. I have a smaller size currently on its way to me. It comes in 4 or 5 colors, it is currently sold out but you could grab one if you keep checking back.


I will post again as more things arrive in the mail. If you have any questions about any of these items above, please feel free to ask!

Happy shopping!

xoxo K



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