housework is something nobody notices until you don’t do it

I have made a few Instagram posts regarding my cleaning schedule and had a lot of interest in what it actually consists of. I decided to post it to show you that it is really not elaborate at all, but a lot of thought went into it.

I had been trying to clean our 3,700 sq ft house during L’s nap time on Monday and Wednesday which is roughly 4 hours in total, but never really seemed like enough time. I was feeling so overwhelmed and disappointed in myself that I started looking at cleaning company quotes so I could find some relief. I decided to first change my way of cleaning and see if that helped my mentality and it has!

I first broke down my house by sections. Things like kitchen + living room, formal rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, the obvious groupings. Then I alternated days of what I deemed “difficult” and “easy” so I wasn’t doing two back to back days of things requiring a lot of elbow grease.

  • Monday – I picked the most obvious, most often seen space, our kitchen/eat in area and living room. I take Sunday off so our house is pretty much in disarray by Monday. Picking up toys, dusting, vacuuming the living room then counters, kitchen stools, kitchen table, appliances, and floors. Makes me feel so good on a Monday when the most lived in parts are clean.
  • Tuesday – Formal living room, formal dining room, and foyer. These don’t get very dirty because we really don’t use them. A quick pick up of random toys or things that may have ended up in there via my children then a dusting and the floors. It is generally pretty simple, takes a short time.
  • Wednesday – The dreaded bathrooms. We have two full and one half bathroom. This is my least favorite thing to clean but makes me the happiest after it is done. If you can keep up with your weekly cleaning, it usually isn’t a difficult clean BUT since I had been taking like every other week off.. well yeah, not so easy.
  • Thursday – Bedrooms. There is always toys scattered throughout the entire upstairs so I find them a home, change the sheets, dust, and vacuum.
  • Friday – The things that are left, I vacuum the stairs and hallway upstairs, then clean the laundry room. For us, we enter our house through the laundry room since it is how you come in from the garage and it collects a lot of dirt. But for the most part.. simple.
  • Saturday – This is my spill over day in case I took a day off (like today, I didn’t do my schedule because of a massive migraine) and now I will have to do the tasks tomorrow.

And Sunday, like I said, is my day off of wearing the housekeeper hat. This is my husbands only day off so aside from cleaning up after dinner (which we don’t always do) I do not clean anything other than major spills.

Just remember, there is no cleaning task that is worth overwhelming yourself or second guessing your ability over. It is just dirt. You got this.

xoxo K

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