a little background..

After one and a half years in our home, it is now fully decorated exactly as I had envisioned it. Therefor I needed a new creative outlet before I decided to redecorate the whole house, already.

I spent a lot of time writing when I was younger, pretending that I was going to write a book about who knows what. Then occurred the realization that a book is A LOT of pages and one really long put together thought. I am the mom of two children under 2.5 years old, two dogs under 4 years old, the wife of a very busy man, and the runner of an entire household plus the property manager of our rental property. Kudos to all the moms that are also authors, I just don't have the free time for that. So, I thought.. a blog.

The captions on most of my Instagram pictures are already half way to a blog most days. I share tips on decorating, my cleaning schedule, recipes I use for my family, etc. so why not put it all together in one place.

I hope that my words help someone figure out what to make for dinner tonight, allow you to feel better about being short tempered with your two-nager, or just give you a good giggle at the end of a long day of mom'ing while you eat microwave s'mores and drink wine (my new guilty pleasure).


xoxo K

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